The HTC HD7 - An Entire Gallery That Fits In Your Pocket

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All modern phones give you the ability to enjoy more from your captured images and images that you get from the internet. The HTC HD7 takes this feature a step further. It is literally a gallery that fits in your pocket. It has more features when it comes to the images that you keep on your phone.

There are a lot of people who use their phones to capture and store their photos. This touch screen mobile phone does more than this. You are not the only one who can enjoy these photos. You can share them with a group of friends and start to interact.

The phone comes with a feature called the Picture Hub. This feature allows you and your friends to enter a gallery. Here, you can show off the latest captured image you made on this phone. The fun does not end here. You can easily post a comment on any of the photos. You can do this on the images they upload or post on Windows Live or Facebook.

If ever you come across something you have to capture, you can easily do this. It does not matter if the phone is locked. All you have to do is focus and snap a shot. The HTC HD7 allows you to easily upload these captured images on your favorite social network. Once you are satisfied with the photos taken, they can easily be uploaded on Facebook. You can also send them through email or through SMS. There is a variety of options you can make use of.

Having to transfer your multimedia from your phone to your PC can be a problem or time-consuming. At times, you would rather not do this to avoid the hassle. With the HTC HD7, it is a simple task to do. You never even have to do anything. All you have to do is set up a wireless network in your home. Once you charge the phone, videos and images are transferred automatically to your PC through your wireless network. It is that simple. Say goodbye to all the hassle.

When galleries are concerned, this mobile touch screen phone has all the answers. The features it comes with will make you enjoy these galleries even more. You no longer need to waste time. You no longer have to go through all the hassle. With the HTC HD7, an entire gallery fits in your pocket.


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The HTC HD7 - An Entire Gallery That Fits In Your Pocket

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This article was published on 2010/10/27