The Floating JCB Tradesman

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Have you ever heard of the floating JCB Tradesman? No, floating does not refer to some idiomatic expression or metaphor. The phone literally floats on water. Unlike phones like the Motorola Defy, it is not just water- resistant. It can be left in water for long periods of time, and the phone will merely float on the surface.

There are a number of tough phones manufactured by JBC. Examples of their phones are the JCB Sitemaster and the JCB Pro-Talk. The Sitemaster is water-resistant and dust resistant. It may not be waterproof or dust proof, but the phone can take a lot of pressure. It can take up to one ton of pressure. This is why the phone is ideal for people who are constantly around workplaces that involve heavy machinery and construction. This is why the phone is amply named the Sitemaster.

The Pro-Talk is phone that is both water and dust proof. The only thing different about this tough phone is its more modern features. The phone comes with an 8 channel two-way radio, touch screen features, and a 2 MP camera. The phone will make you enjoy both modern features and reliable durability.

The JCB Tradesman is dust proof, waterproof, has Bluetooth, a torch, an FM radio, and a colored screen. It may not have the modern features you will find on more modern mobile phones, but it will never suffer from water damage. No matter how long you expose it to water, it will merely float on the water's surface.

This phone caters to a number of needs. Specifically, it is mainly used by people who frequent the outdoors. It is for people who go camping, hunting, or for people who love water sports. Even if you constantly get wet outdoors, the JCB Tradesman will never get damaged by water.

The phone is also ideal for people who work close to water. These include lifeguards, military personnel, engineers, scientists, etc. Even in the most hostile conditions, they are assured the phone will never let them down. Rain or shine, the phone will still function.

This phone is also ideal for the ordinary individual. There have been instances when we accidentally drop our phones in places like the sink, the pool, or even the toilet. In cases like these, you are assured that the phone will never get damaged. The only thing JCB Tradesman will do is float on water.

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The Floating JCB Tradesman

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This article was published on 2010/12/29