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Most daily there are media reports about a new Techno Toy or even widget. Lately, Apple has had reports that it'll be offering i-phones through Verizon as well as for ATT wireless systems. Other technology companies provide their variants of "smart phones" like the Android coming from Google. The actual smart phones possess legions of developers working to develop "Apps" that run on the phones in question that compare to every task that is done on a PC or Mac.

There are also "tablet computers" like the iPad which are a bit of the particular intermediary from a full blown workplace machine or lap top pc but seem to be to offer a little more ease of use and are slightly larger than the various smart phones. Several software organizations offer tablet versions of these best selling desktop computer applications to be used on the capsules. New capabilities for the smart phones come every day. Smart phone users are surfing the internet as they go about their business just as if they have been sitting at a desk at work or in your own home.

As fast and furious as the smart phone and tablet applications come along, presently there do appear to be some functions that have not yet made it to these types of pieces of technologies. So far, presently there are few programs available that will permit the cell phone or tablet to operate being an automatic garage door opener for example. Even though it is entirely possible that these software have actually been developed and promoted but have already been replaced in the news through another brand new application that starts the coffee container in the morning or one that will change the infant's diaper when necessary.

There do seem to be a few problems that may well make it a little harder to create cell phone apps that function as automated garage door openers. For instance, most programmed garage door openers run using stereo frequency or even some other type of electronic pulse, radio trend, or microwave so virtually any phone program would have to have every signal  generate the proper frequency and style of signal in order for the particular garage door to open or even close properly.

Beyond in which, once the cell phone application is defined to be a computerized garage doorway opener, exactly what does the property owner do in case there is a problem? Can he phone the storage area door repairman or can he phone into the phone company technician to complete the fix? Or will he merely download a software area for the app online?

Just as smart as the smart phones have become, it is still most likely sometime later on before they are able to perform almost all functions across the home as well as replace the rest of the little specialized devices used.

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This article was published on 2010/11/02