Solving Problems with Nokia 5230

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You are impressed by great features of Nokia 5230 and decide to buy this model. It works fine but the problem is its tiny memory so that you cannot store more favorite music or pictures. The solution is very simple: buy an extra memory card and USB cable to connect the mobile phone with computer. However, few days after inserting the new memory card, the phone does not work and sometimes it switches off automatically. You must be confused and may ask for maintenance services. But if you follow these tips, it can be easier for you.

Firstly, you should update your phone software. This can be done by going on the official site of the nokia and also if you want then you can go to the ovistore where you can find the software update for your mobile. As now a days most of the smart phone with touch screen capability they require update as to fix the bug problems form the existingmobile phone. So better you need to do the software updation.
As you have stated that, you recently purchased this mobile if that so then i think your mobile will be in the warranty period. The best thing is to go to the nokia service centre and there just tell them your problem with your mobile. The problem which you have said i think it is phones problem so better to check it with the technician, as they will provide you the better solution.
You have included that you purchased a new memory card for your phone, the proble you are facing might be the memory cards problem. As you said that your phone was working fine before you inserted memory.

Try to use your phone withoutmemory card and if the problem persist then better to check it with the technician or if the problem does not occur then you need to format yourmemory card, i think it might be having some unsupported applications which would be causing this problem.
As gonzo said that there are most of the applications that doesn't support nokia 5230, most of the applications are fake which can cause the problem which you are facing. This phone is recently launched and i can say that there aremost of the website which provides fake application forthe phone . You need to avoid such downloads from fake websites and if you want applications for your phone then you can visit Ovistore which is developed byNokia.
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Nokia 5230 hangs always

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Solving Problems with Nokia 5230

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    Rahul- 2010/11/12 16:58:18 pm

    My phone having a problem, when message comes phone not ringing & also the logo not shown on home screen please give some solution

This article was published on 2010/04/17