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It happened so that Samsung Wave II is currently one of the best smartphones in its class. It has great hardware, is packed with numerous features and applications and has an exceptional screen. If shortly this phone is a dream of any smartphone user. The phone has an immense number of features and details; actually these are the details that contribute so much to the success of this model and make Samsung Wave II just exceptional. So lets take a closer look at them.

The insides of this phone are very customizable and have a great set of functions. For example a nice bonus is the VibeZ technology, when you press the screen the phone gives up a small vibration confirming the action. Another nice feature is that this is one of the first smartphones that supports Bluetooth 3.0. The phone has 2 GB of physical memory, of which 1.5 is available to the user. As like in many other phones the memory can be expanded with an up to 32 GB microSD; hot swap included. Samsung Wave II packs an impressive 5 Megapixel camera with various great features and spectacular quality. For example one of the features allows focusing on the faces of people and automatically making second photo if the person blinked during the shot. The camera can also shoot good quality video which looks good on both the phone screen and on PC, and can be edited right away with help of special software.

The phone can also be controlled with various movements. For example you can set the loud mode when you put the phone on the table or turn off the alarm clock by turning the phone over. Double tapping allows to execute an application and the gallery can be viewed by turning the phone. The TouchWiz interface here is packed with the maximal capabilities. In addition to this the unblocking of the phone is done in form of fitting a puzzle (in case of missed events the puzzle has info on it).

The phone is fully loaded with various ups like a browser, organizer and file-manager. They save time for installing something and allow to start working right away. Such application as Social Hub for example allows gathering all your profiles on social services in one place and organizing the info flowing from them. Multitasking is supported, which means that you can set the mp3 player to play in background and surf the web meanwhile. The mp3 player in this phone by the way is packed with everything possible and has a very usable interface.

The previous Wave models were literally wiped out of the shops by the customers and Samsung just had to release Wave II to satisfy the market. The smartphone became a real success and therefore can be recommended to anyone looking for a good smartphone. Samsung Wave II is a spectacular combination of media, screen, hardware and software spiced with numerous small features that make this smartphone one of the best in its price range.

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Keep up with the champions and get the Samsung Wave II. This critically acclaimed phone has numerous awesome functions a great screen and overwhelming design. If you wont buy it today, someone else will do it!

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Samsung Wave Ii

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This article was published on 2010/11/26