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Phone number forwarding has always been a tool that businesses have used to their advantage. Phone number forwarding was used to increase business, connect to an answering service or call center, and even used to handle calls from branch locations. As business changes, phone number forwarding is changing as well. Companies use toll free numbers as a tool to be able to do business more easily across the country. Toll free numbers are usually set up via call forwarding and the affordability of these numbers has exploded.

For years, phone companies offer features such as Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) to clients. RCF would give the illusion that a company was local to a certain area. While many businesses initially frowned at this process, it became a common practice. Remote call forwarding allows a business in the city, to have a suburban presence making them more desirable and expanding their marketplace. In addition, many companies use the RCF feature so that the phones are always forwarded to their cellular phone or hand held devise.

Connecting to an Answering Service or call center is another reason for phone number forwarding. Companies typically utilize this feature to connect to the contact center. Call forwarding is a feature that has changed the way that answering services do business. In the past answering services are very limited. In addition, the end user incurred tremendous costs in having to "tie" their telephones to the call center. Today, nearly ninety percent of businesses utilize phone number forwarding to connect to their answering services.

Some businesses utilize call forwarding to transfer their phones to their home or cellular phones when they are not in the office. Phone number forwarding allows flexibility for companies to operate wherever, and whenever they want. In today's busy and ever changing business relationships, a business needs to change adapt and adjust. Phone number forwarding is a necessary tool to be able to capitalize on each and every phone call.

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Phone Number Forwarding

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This article was published on 2010/10/05