Phone Hacking Crisis Spreading To The ‘Down Under’?

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As most currently know, there is a severe phone hacking crisis occurring in the United Kingdom that is being noted as a phone hacking scandal.  News International Chief Executive Offier and his team have been accused of hacking into the phones and voicemails of the Royal Family and other random celebrities.  Their team has also been accused of hacking into voicemails during the 9/11 bombing on the United States of America.

With this phone hacking crisis in full-effect, phone users are starting to protect their phone and voicemail systems more seriously.  In changing passwords for their phone and voicemail regularly, as well as locking their phone in between uses, individuals are beginning to take greater care with their private information.  Individuals are also turning to Caller ID Spoofing to hide their identity and phone number when making calls for business or personal reasons.

Even with this going on, Australia has now stepped up to speak with respects to the United Kingdom phone hacking scandal including that of News International.  Initially the U.S. Congress received a scare when they believed that Rupert Murdoch and his team had hacked into U.S. phones.

Eric Holder, United States General Attorney stated, “While there have been serious allegation raised in that regard in Great Britain, and there is an ongoing investigation there, as it has been appropriate, there are members of Congress in the United States that have asked us to investigate those same allegations and we are progressing in that regard…”.

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation began their investigation within the United States, Australia is now seeming to believe they should do the same.  Prime Minister Julia Gillard stated, “Like I think most Australians, I have been shocked and disgusted to see the revelations that we’ve seen in the United Kingdom.” 

In response John Hartigan, Chief Exec of News Limited stated, “I know the newsrooms, I know how cultures develop and I’m hugely confident that there’s no improper or unethical behavior in our newsrooms.”

As the investigations continue into the world of News International, and Robert Murdoch’s allegations, it’s hard to determine what the outcome will be.  And if found guilty after the investigations, what will become of Murdoch?  Will there be a slap on the wrist, or will individual phone privacy become more of an issue amongst countries even outside of Great Britain?

Currently Robert Murdoch and his son have decided to speak directly to the Parliament regarding the allegations brought to the table with respects to phone hacking and voicemail hacking.  Initially they refused this meeting, but now, hopefully the honesty will rise to the top.

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Phone Hacking Crisis Spreading To The ‘Down Under’?

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Phone Hacking Crisis Spreading To The ‘Down Under’?

This article was published on 2011/07/23