Nokia 7310 Supernova Pink - Distinctive Design and Feature Packed, What More Could You Want?

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Choosy ladies love the neat package that the new Nokia 7310 Supernova Pink has to offer. The cool pink casing with silver accents makes this a favorite among the ladies with its' stylish little package that offers full functionality. It joins the other phones in the 7310 family, but provides a special something for the lady who wants a phone that reflects femininity.

This phone has an integrated MP3 player and FM radio to afford you hours of entertainment. And, with the internal 2 GB memory being expandable to 4 GB via the micro SD memory slot, you can store up to 1000 songs in the palm of your hand. When finding yourself with extra time on your hands, your music library is just a click away. Instantly fill in that time when you might otherwise find yourself twiddling your thumbs, with smooth flowing musical numbers of your choice.

The Nokia Supernova Pink also includes a camera for catching photos on the fly, or recording video footage that you can later share with family and friends by connecting the phone to your home entertainment center. The phone's video-out function allows you to view footage or photos taken with its camera on your television. Bring home the experiences that you encounter in your travels and share them with loved ones; share footage of the new baby when you visit with family out of town; playback your recordings of the family reunion whilst still at the family reunion.

For added personality, it also has changeable Xpress-on case covers that allow you to customize the look and feel of your phone to your specific taste. Reflect your lifestyle, match it to your outfits, your mood, or just show you're all about business.

The full color display of this impressive phone offers crisp clear access to you phone book, emails, text messages or video and photos. You can easily enjoy all of the various applications of the Pink on the high resolution screen.

The Nokia 7310 has proven to be a workhorse for the lady who wants a cellular phone with all of the bells and whistles in a convenient little handset. It is lightweight and easy to carry on a daily basis with its' handy size, but can become a mobile library of special times in your life. The music you love, the photos you want to share with friends, the videos that you just have to show your coworkers; it's all in your hand.

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Nokia 7310 Supernova Pink - Distinctive Design and Feature Packed, What More Could You Want?

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Nokia 7310 Supernova Pink - Distinctive Design and Feature Packed, What More Could You Want?

This article was published on 2010/04/02