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There are many tech savvy customers who have been waiting long to know about the windows mango update. In fact, it is true that the window mango phones have created such a great craze across the world that everyone is anxious to find them in the market. With brilliant features and outstanding capacities, it is sure to attract large numbers of customers. At the same time, with the introduction of these window phones, these have grabbed the attention of many people. The mango phone is a multi-anticipated follow up for windows phone 7. Nokia has announced that it is going to launch such a phone in the market long back with partnership from Microsoft.

About The Release Of The Window Phone:

However, while Nokia announced about the launch of the mango phone soon, it did not mention the windows mango release date. However, later reports say that the phone is supposed to be released in mid-September to October, 2011. In between this, several controversies regarding the release date, as a result of which, Nokia could not tell of a fixed date of its plan to launch. Originally, it was launched less than a year ago, it was actually a direct answer from Microsoft to the android phones from Google, as well as, the iOS platform from Apple. However, this phone lacks far back from these two phones due to its lack of proper market penetration.

In fact, it was that failure that led Microsoft to enter into a partnership agreement with Nokia to bring out the windows mango phone . In fact, with the release of this phone, it is expected by Microsoft that WP OS will at least be successful in making some ground for the leaders. This is the reason for which the company has come up with many specific and outstanding features to hit heights of success this time.

Before the actual windows mango phone release, less than a year ago, though some of the common features likedual sim , or camera with a good resolution was there, yet it failed to compete successfully with the android and apple phones. Currently, this latest launch emphasizes on the defining features of the interface of original Windows 7 that can offer live tiles, so that home screens can appear active. Social networking is very easily possible with the help of this phone, and the greatest thing is that several new and up dated apps can be easily downloaded.

Dozens Of New Features:

Apart from the traditional features of any phone like3g, music, touch, and QWERTY, dozens of other new features have been introduced in the phone. These features have been updated with app multitasking, as well as the ability to make the phone a wonderful Wi-Fi hotspot for almost 5 other devices. This is indeed an exceptional feature of the mango window phones. In addition to that, other features also include face detection for tagging pictures, or a market place for window apps.

Since it is available in the market, you can easily buy them.

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Latest Windows Mango Update

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This article was published on 2011/12/02