Latest Mobile Phones Security - 3 Tips To Keep Your Phone Secure

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We are all getting used to using the phrase "Smartphone." These are the latest mobile phones which are offered from a number of manufacturers such as Blackberry, Nokia, LG and Motorola. These devices are really hitting the headlines now because so many people are using them for so many functions.

It has all become possible because of the Google Android operating system. This enables multiple capabilities from speaking, to video, to e-mail and thousands of different "apps." The uses for these smart phones seem obvious but have you given any thought to the security of your device? Let's see how we can to make your phone secure.

There is a good chance that the information which is held on your handset is at least as valuable as for the device itself. You will be pleased with yourself if you have taken the trouble to back up all of your data should your phone ever be lost or stolen. You will be even more pleased if you have made certain that the information which is held on your phone is also secure and cannot be accessed by anybody who steals all finds it. Here are three tips to keep everything safe:

1. Lock your phone. The most obvious step is to lock the device so that the information on it cannot be accessed. Most handsets use the common alpha numeric passwords to keep unwelcome visitors out. Another method is the unlock pattern. This is a used by Android models and involves the user swiping their fingers across the screen in a specific fashion. A collection of dots are connected by their finger as it moves around and the right movement will unlock the phone. The most important thing to remember is that a common pattern such as an H shape will be one of the first things that would be tried by a thief. It is worth going to the trouble of choosing a pattern which is memorable to you but which is difficult for somebody else to replicate. You can choose the number of dots which need to be joined and the higher the figure the more difficult it will be to break the code. You can set the pattern by opening the Location and Security menu under Settings. You will then be asked to draw on the pattern screen to set your code. You will get the option of confirming it. Read on for some more to tips about keeping the latest mobile phones safe.

2. Know the way your phone is located. Always keep your phone in the same place and keep a habit of always returning it there. This will minimize the chances of you putting it down or losing down to back of the armchair. Thankfully, Androids have a fantastic ability to be found because they have a GPS function. It does not matter whether you left it in the car or at a friend's house you have a very good chance of finding it if you have instigated one of the "apps" which offered this facility. There are a couple of different ways in which these applications work. You can send an "attention word" to your phone via a text message. This will cause your device to ring very loudly which will enable you to go straight to it if it is in a location near to where you are. The second variation of this is where you send your "attention word" but request your phone to respond with its exact GPS location. You can then use another device to go straight to your phone and recover it.

3. Use software. There are websites which allow you to find a location on your phone by using a special, a secure website. These enable you to find the whereabouts of your phone by looking at its location on the map on the screen. They also allow you to set the phone to ring loudly so that you can find it if you are within audible range. It is also possible to purchase security software which is especially designed to offer you further protection should your handset be lost or stolen. These allow you to remotely lock your telephone so that thieves cannot access the information within it or use it for any purpose whatsoever. They offer further options such as being able to unlock the phone should it fall into the hands of someone who you can trust to return it, for instance.

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Latest Mobile Phones Security - 3 Tips To Keep Your Phone Secure

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This article was published on 2010/11/03