How to Deal with a Broken Smart Phone Touch Screen

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It happens to the best of us—breaking our cellular phones. With mobile phones becomes more and more sophisticated, there are more parts necessary due to the higher functions and capabilities the phone has. Simply by dropping your phone can damage a small part of the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry that renders your phone useless. Thus, if you have caused damaged to your smart phone, the best action to take is either to replace the part that has been broken or to sell your damaged phone to make some extra cast towards a future phone purchase. One common problem with damaged iPhones is the iPhone 2g digitizer replacement part, which affects your ability to use the touch screen.


When you drop your smart phone, you can easily break the glass on the iPhone. Most people don't realize that when the front glass screen breaks, the digitizer, which is essentially the touch sensor, also needs to be functioning for the phone to work. To rectify this situation, you can do one of two things. First, you can fix your phone; however, you will need to also get an iPhone 2G digitizer replacement part in addition to fixing the front glass screen. By replacing the glass without this part will not fix your phone as the iPhone will not be able to sense your touch in order to fully navigate through the screens. Without this iPhone 2G digitizer replacement part, your phone will not be fully functioning. Second, you can also purchase a new phone to replace your currently broken phone. However, getting a new iPhone can be pricey, particularly, if your contract with your cell phone provider has not yet expired and if you are not yet due for a phone upgrade. For instance, with a phone upgrade or at the onset of a mobile service contract, you can get an iPhone for approximately $200; however, if you break or lose your phone in the midst of the contract, you will need to purchase the phone at the retail value of about $600.


Thus, if you still wish to get a new iPhone rather than attempting to fix it, you should sell your broken iPhone to a refurbishing company, which will be willing to take the broken gadget out of your hands, even paying you some money, depending on what shape your phone is. Even if it is broken, rather than merely used, you can still get paid for it since these companies use the still functioning parts to refurbish their phones, which they can sell at a discounted price. For broken iPhones, even though something might be wrong with the antennae or the screen, they can still use the iPhone 2G digitizer replacement part to fix another phone. The cash that you can get from selling your used or even broken iPhone can be used to offset the price of your future phone purchase.


So, the next time you shatter the front glass screen, be sure to not only get the glass screen, but also the iPhone 2G digitizer replacement part so that your iPhone will still have the ability to navigate from screen to screen.

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How to Deal with a Broken Smart Phone Touch Screen

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This article was published on 2010/12/05