Different Applications for the Samsung Transform

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One of the most useful apps to install is Advanced Task Killer. This application makes it possible for you to instantly stop running all of the background apps. In other words, any other apps that are currently running but are not being used are shut off. This frees up processor speed and phone memory. One of the advantages of the Android operating system is the fact that it can multitask, meaning that it can run more than one program at a time. This can cause the device to become overwhelmed and start to slow down. It isn’t easy to shut down all of these extra processes manually.Advanced Task Killer takes care of this process for you so that you do not have to navigate all of the menus to do so. One push of a button is all it takes.

Another helpful app to install on the phone is BatteryWatch. The battery has a fairly good lifespan, but if you aren’t careful it can run out on you without warning. BatteryWatch lets you keep tabs on the status of the battery. It keeps track of several different features. The battery information is updated every five seconds. The most obvious feature that it tracks is the level of the battery. It also notifies you of whether or not it is charging, what it is plugged into, and the temperature of the battery. The battery health is one of the more useful features that it has to offer.

Launcher Pro is an upgrade for the Android operating system that makes it easier to use. It does not alter the operating system in a way that will make it seem foreign to those who understand the OS, but it will provide more functionality. A really cool and unique feature of this app is the ability to add a total of seven home screens to your phone. The “pinch-zoom” command allows you to view all of your home screens at the same time. The dock at the bottom of the display is another major change that is extremely useful. You can place shortcuts onto this dock so that you can more easily access your favorite phone features.

Astro is an application that helps the user navigate easily through the many files on the phone. You do not need a computer to do so. It enables you to delete, move, copy, and paste files. It offers to very useful features. The first is the ability to perform an operation on more than one file at once, as it can get very time consuming to do it one by one. The second is the ability to perform a search in order to find the file that you are looking for. It also provides details about apps on the phone such as the size of the program, the name, the version, and sometimes the activities that it performs.

With many applications to choose from, users will want to choose those that help them improve the usefulness of their smart phone. Of course, in order to protect the safety of your phone, it is a good idea to buy some accessories. For convenience, you will almost certainly want a holster so that it doesn’t clutter your pocket. With all of the accessories and apps available, the Transform can help simplify and enhance your life.

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Different Applications for the Samsung Transform

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This article was published on 2010/12/08