Chanel Phone Is More Like A Make Up Package-Myluxphone

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I'm sure that you have must been familiar with Chanel. Chanel has become the leading for world fashion. The items that they made always become the hunt for many people. We know that usually Chanel produced only about fashions, but know Chanel see the new profitable markets here.

The market of cell phones is growing rapidly nowadays, there are many peoples hunt for the limited cell phones that being produced. No matter what the price, peoples always find a way to buy it. Prestige is the only reason when people buy the expensive limited editions of some things. The differences between the original and traditional ones is the design, first class design become the weapon to attract peoples. And Chanel knows that, that's why they create the Chanel Phone.

Designed by Fred de Garilhe, the shapes of the phone would has to piece, lower piece is sliding part where there lies the display and the function buttons and the upper piece will hold the numeric pad. When not in used the phone will disappear on its element, from that will reveal the pure shinny surface. Work by integrate an optical fiber system which can display image between the two glass part that it have. The 12 micro light fibers which throw image to the glass, can give the best luminosity and light that will lay there to lighten the cell phone. By pushing the removable part there, you will see the whole light from those 12 micro light fibers.

Chanel is jumping onto the fashionable cell phone bandwagon with their new concept dreamed up by Fred de Garihe–Chanel Choco Concept Phone. Fred de GARILHE, the designer of this concept phone wanted the global aspect not to look like a phone, more like a make up package. We guess Chanel wants to follow the footsteps of Prada by unveiling a cell phone in the near future.
On the first glance this doesn't look like a phone at all! When the phone is closed, it looks like a chocolate piece, but made from white, black, or yellow gold surface. is an operated online website offering all kinds of Luxury replica phones including Chanel and Vertu replica.You can select what you love to buy to your hearts content without spending a large amount of money.



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Chanel Phone Is More Like A Make Up Package-Myluxphone

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This article was published on 2010/03/26