Bluetooths and Earphones for the Samsung Transform

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Samsung’s new Android based Transform brings a whole new meaning to the word personalize. This spunky new phone allows users to personalize the device according to their interests, or hobbies. There are numerous Samsung Transform accessories not only to protect the phone and prolong its beauty, but to make it more special. This phone comes packed with many features not ordinarily found in other phones. The Sprint ID is a very interesting feature and gives the camera its unique standing in the market. All in all, it is a phone well worth checking out.

The ID pack facility allows the user to download predefined applications, ringtones, wallpapers, and widgets, in one go. Hence, if you were to be a sport enthusiast, then you can download the sport packs. Alternatively, if you were into fitness, then you can download the fitness pack. The sports pack will concentrate on sports related apps, widgets etc., while the fitness conscious will get widgets which inform them of workout routines or nutrient information matching their fitness aims. The ID pack individualizes the phone according to the taste of the user.

It also has a car kit that will enhance the Samsung’s GPS app while attaching the phone to the car’s dashboard, so it does not have to be held. There are cases that can secure the phone and screen covers that will protect the phone form unwanted scratches. The list of accessories are endless, with tons of chargers, Bluetooth devices, wired headsets, data cables, etc. The SD card allows for storage expansion, so full advantage can be taken of the video recording facilities. It can also save favorite music for a long drive. There are many additions one can make to the phone to make it truly personal.

The Samsung Transform holster is a great way of securing the phone, while keeping it within easy reach. These holsters come with belt clips that are ideal for people who are on the go and who don’t like carrying or keeping their phone in their pocket. The holsters normally clip on to a belt or some other part of the clothing. This way the phone is not in any danger of being scratched, like it would be in a purse or in a backpack. Holsters with belt clips are a great way to carry the phone, and the clips are made with strong plastic for heavy-duty usage. Carried in a holster, the phone is safe and secure, yet out of the way.

With excessive use like listening to music nonstop, or doing major jobs like checking e-mails and catching up with friends and associates on Facebook, It’s very likely that one of these is going to run your battery to zero. If this is a problem, then it is recommended that excessive phone users carry a spare Samsung Transform battery. For frequent travelers or others people who can’t manage to charge during the day, but depend on the phone for nonstop use, this would be the ideal way of not getting caught short. A spare battery would tie the user over until it is possible to recharge the batteries.

Having a Bluetooth headset will allow you to have conversations and enjoy your music when you’re jogging, driving and whenever you’re on the business trip. Samsung Bluetooth headsets are designed to provide the ultimate hands-free experience. Some of the devices support agronomical design with E-clip, to give a comfortable fit. It is possible to tilt the piece so the user can adjust the position according their personal needs. The special V-shaped design allows for voice quality that is the best. The Samsung Transform is equipped with a VGA front camera and 3.2 megapixel back camera, which is top of the line. The autofocus is very receptive and there is an especially dedicated button for the camera, which provides the phone with an interesting touch.

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Bluetooths and Earphones for the Samsung Transform

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This article was published on 2010/12/08